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Key Features:🚀 Minimalist Design: Say goodbye to cluttered interfaces. Difree provides a distraction-free writing space, allowing you to concentrate on your words.💾 AutoSave: Forget about manually saving your work. Difree automatically saves your writing, ensuring your progress is never lost.🌐 Offline Work: Need absolute focus? Difree works offline too, enabling you to disconnect from the internet and boost your productivity.🌙 Dark Mode: Protect your eyes during late-night writing sessions with Difree's dark mode. Enjoy a visually comfortable experience, day or night.🔠 Monospaced Fonts: Precision matters, and Difree offers a selection of monospaced fonts for a clean and organized writing environment.↔️ RTL Writing: Express yourself effortlessly in languages that read from right to left with Difree's RTL writing support.🎵 Immersive Typing Experience: Difree goes the extra mile by offering an immersive typing experience. Write with the soothing sound of key strokes, adding a delightful touch to your writing journey.🌟 Cross-Browser Compatibility: Difree is compatible with Firefox and all Chromium-based browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Brave, Edge, and Vivaldi. Enjoy a consistent writing experience across platforms.✂️ Effortless Text Copy: Easily copy your text in rich text, plain text, Markdown format, or as an image with Difree's user-friendly copying feature.🔒 Privacy First: At Difree, we prioritize your privacy. We do not collect or analyze your writing, ensuring a safe and private writing space.📝 In a Nutshell:
Difree offers a focused, comfortable, and private writing experience, enhanced with the soothing sound of key strokes. Try it today to unlock more meaningful writing sessions!
📣 We Value Your Feedback:
Your opinion matters! Share your thoughts on Difree, what you love, and any suggestions for improvement. We're here to make your writing journey even better! Email us at [email protected] and tell us.

Focus on your writing

Difree helps you focus on writing. Whether you are writing an e-mail, a long Reddit thread or a Facebook post – Difree creates a distraction-free writing space for you. Difree works offline, too. So disconnect from Internet if you need more focus.

Enjoy your writing

We create the best text editor to give you a comfortable writing space. We want you to enjoy writing from the very first moment. With Difree, your text editor is always ready to use and easily accessible.

Your writing is yours

Difree is a private and safe writing space. We don’t know what you are writing. No more dirty privacy compromises. Your privacy is our priority: we don’t store or use anything you type while using this browser extension. When you delete it, it's gone.

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⭢ 0.9.4 – 2023-09-27
# Added
1. Right-to-left writing
2. Monospaced fonts: iAWriterMono, Courier New
# Changed
1. [Bug] Turn off the Key Sound doesn't work
⭢ 0.9.0 – 2023-09-24
# Added
1. Keyboard sounds
⭢ 0.8.9 – 2023-07-25
# Changed
1. Change the way the stats are sent into Posthog
⭢ 0.8.7 – 2023-07-17
# Changed
1. Change from Matomo to Posthog considering sending usage data system
⭢ 0.8.6 – 2023-06-22
# Added
1. Add 'Question mark' button with blue dot [feedback flow]
# Changed
1. [bug] Feedback popup doesn't look good in dark mode
2. [bug] Long title of the notes spoils the Sidebar
⭢ 0.8.3 – 2023-05-16
# Added
1. Add option to change the size of the font in the Editor
2. Add option to change the consent for sending usage data in the Settings
# Changed
1. Change the layout of Sidebar
2. Change the layout of Difree on small screens
3. Change the date and time format of saved notes in Notes
⭢ 0.8.2 – 2023-05-05
# Added
1. Add uninstall survey
2. Add consent popup for sending usage data
⭢ 0.8.0 – 2023-04-15
# Added
1. Add dark theme
⭢ 0.7.0 – 2023-03-17
# Added
1. Add Sidebar contains all the options considering coping and managing text
# Changed
1. Change Welcome Page text
2. Change Feedback - moved to the Sidebar
# Remove
Remove Toggle Peak - all the functionalities and more moved to Sidebar
⭢ 0.6.8 – 2023-01-30
# Changed
1. Welcome Page text
2. [bug] design of Copy > Markdown button in Notes view
3. [bug] interpretation of Markdown syntax in corner cases
4. [bug] interpretation of Copy > Plain text
⭢ 0.6.6 – 2023-01-06
# Added
1. Add Heading 2 style in Text Formatting Menu
2. Add option to copy text as an image in Firefox extension
3. Add option to copy text as a plain text
# Changed
1. Change style of ordered and unordered list - more space before and after the list
2. [bug] Firefox extension opened many instances at once
⭢ 0.6.5 – 2022-12-22
# Added
Add Firefox version
⭢ 0.6.3 – 2022-11-28
# Added
Add option to add, edit or delete link
# Changed
Minor changes in Welcome page mechanics
⭢ 0.6.2 – 2022-11-05
# Added
1. Add option to add automatically signature
2. Add section 'Settings'
# Changed
Minor changes in Welcome page
⭢ 0.6.1 – 2022-09-19
# Changed
Minor changes in Welcome page
⭢ 0.6.0 – 2022-09-11
# Added
Add option to copy text as an image
⭢ 0.5.3 – 2022-07-30
# Changed
Minor changes in feedback mechanism
⭢ 0.5.2 – 2022-07-23
# Changed
1. Minor changes in feedback mechanism
2. Minor changes in interpreting Markdown syntax
3. Minor changes in Welcome page
⭢ 0.5.1 – 2022-06-22
# Changed
1. Minor changes in interpreting Markdown syntax
2. Minor changes in Welcome Page content
⭢ 0.5.0 – 2022-06-19
# Added
1. Added option to copy text into Clipboard in Markdown
# Changed
1. Minor changes in HTML version of text copied into Clipboard
⭢ 0.4.0 – 2022-05-15
# Added
1. Added the blue dot on Feedback icon
2. Added blockquote type of formatting
# Changed
1. Changed the look of Feedback pop-up
2. Minor changes in the look of Difree
⭢ 0.3.5 – 2022-04-18
# Added
1. Added the button to upload the image
2. Added the button to adjust the paragraph (adjust to right, center, left or justify)
3. Added the analytical events for buttons
# Changed
1. Changed the font type to Inter
2. Changed the font's design
3. Changed the text in Welcome Page
⭢ 0.3.4 – 2022-04-10
# Added
Added icon of Difree in context menu – the menu appears when right mouse button is clicked. The icon of Difree in context menu opens Difree with a Note containing the title and the URL of the page.
⭢ 0.3.3 – 2022-03-07
# Changed
1. Changed the logic, when a new Note is added – to improve the flow
2. Improved the design in opened Note – to improve the look and extend the editorial space
3. Improved the design on Toggle Peak
4. Improved the design of Editor
⭢ 0.3.2 – 2022-01-28
# Changed
1. Changed the logic, when a new Note is added - to improve the flow
2. Improved the design in opened Note - to improve the look and extend the editorial space
3. Improved the design on Toggle Peak
4. Improved the design of Editor
⭢ 0.3.2 – 2022-01-28
# Added
1. Button
Save to Note– to make possible to save current text as a note and come back to it later
2. Button
Toggle Peekto turn on / off the preview of saved notes – to make possible to access saved texts, edit or delete them
# Changed
1. Increased space between the lines in paragraph – to make the text more readable
2. Increased space between the paragraphs – to make the text more readable
3. Design of buttons – to make the buttons more readable
4. Increased the memory extension can use – to make possible to save more and longer texts
# Removed
1. Heading 2 and Heading 3 styles from Text Formatting Menu – to make the menu more readable
⭢ 0.3.1
We focused our efforts on resolving the issues with opening more than one instance of Difree.
⭢ 0.2.9
We focused our efforts on:
1. Building feedback solution for people using Difree,
2. Implementing dedicated framework.
We added a way to easily feedback us or ask question. In the bottom-right corner, there's a question mark button. When clicked, it opens a popup where you can send feedback.
We changed framework, we build Difree. This will help us easily introduce new views in Difree, which we definitely will do, as we have plans to add more useful features.
⭢ 0.2.8
1. We focused our efforts on improving your experience in Difree and getting to know better how Difree performs.
2. Add Clear button
- The button helps you to clear the editor from text; instead of selecting all text and deleting it, use Clear button
3. Add Introduction to Difree
- When you install Difree, it opens with short introduction of the features.
4. Add statistics
- We implement tracking statistics. We have done it because we would like to know what's working and what's not in Difree, to improve Difree.
- We collect following events: open of Difree, time spent in Difree, click on buttons Copy, Clear and Close.
- We use Matomo to gather the data, and we have full control of the data.
- We still DON'T know what you write, and we DON'T want to. We prefer the approach 'your data is none of our business'. Our privacy policy is pretty strict about it, the privacy of your data — and it is your data, not ours! — is a big deal to us. Here's a link to our privacy policy: https://www.getdifree.com/privacy-policy/
⭢ 0.2.7
- Small fixes in the look of extension
- Add the possibility to work offline
⭢ 0.2.6
1. Redesign the look of extension
- We increased the area of writing space
- We improved extension's responsiveness
- We changed the color of text editor's background and buttons
- We changed the way the header menu looks like
2. Redesign text style
- We changed text style to Arial, regular, 22pt, with letter spacing 4%, with paragraph spacing 12pt
3. Add Full-screen mode
- We added an icon to expand text editor to Full-screen mode.
4. Add Undo / Redo mode
- We added icons to undo or redo changes.
5. Add Copy button
- We added
Copy button, which copies text to the clipboard.
6. Add a method of coping to clipboard simplified formatted text
- Text is copied in two versions: plain text and simplified rich text.
- When pasting text, it pastes in plain text or simplified rich text, depends on the place where text is pasted. It helps to keep formatting consistent when pasting text.
⭢ 0.2.5
- release first version of Difree

Privacy policy

Check our privacy policy about the Difree application and see what we know about you. If you need any clarification considering privacy, drop us a line: [email protected].

Last updated: Feb 4, 2023The privacy of your data — and it is your data, not ours! — is a big deal to us. In this policy, we lay out: what data we collect and why; how your data is handled; and your rights to your data. We promise we never sell your data: never have, never will.This policy applies to all products built and maintained by Technologie 21 including Difree.What we collect and why
Our guiding principle is to collect only what we need. Here’s what that means in practice:
Identity & accessWhen you sign up for a Difree product, we typically ask for identifying information such as your name, email address, and maybe a company name. That’s just so you can personalize your new account, and we can send you invoices, updates, or other essential information. We’ll never sell your personal info to third parties, and we won’t use your name or company in marketing statements without your permission either.Difree app interactionsWhen you use our app, we do not track
1. what do you write
2. and on which pages do you use our app.
When you use our app, we track1. when do you use the app (eg. date and hour of opening app)
2. and how do you use the app (eg. the fact you clicked 'discard button')
It's for statistical purposes like improving the performance, conversion rates and to test new designs.Example of your actions in Difree and stats we collectWhat you did:1. On Mar 28, 2021, 12:00:00 you use Difree on Gmail site (mail.google.com) to create a reply to
[email protected]
with several paragraphs of Lorem ipsum.
2. On Mar 28, 2021, 12:05:00 you use Difree on Facebook site (facebook.com) to create a comment on your friend's Jane Doe wedding photo, but you finally decide not to insert the text
3. On Mar 28, 2021, 12:10:00 you use Difree to create a note.
What we could see:1. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:00:00+00:00 has event 'openwindow'
2. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:00:30+00:00 has event 'autosave'
3. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:00:43+00:00 has event 'submit'
4. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:00:43+00:00 has event 'close
5. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:05:00+00:00 has event 'openwindow'
6. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:05:30+00:00 has event 'autosave'
7. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:05:52+00:00 has event 'discard'
8. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:06:00+00:00 has event 'autosave'
9. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:06:12+00:00 has event 'close
10. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:10:00+00:00 has event 'openwindow'
11. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:10:30+00:00 has event 'autosave'
12. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:11:00+00:00 has event 'autosave'
13. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:11:30+00:00 has event autosave
14. User 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab on 2021-03-25T12:11:52+00:00 has event 'close
Getdifree.com website interactionsWhen you browse our marketing pages (eg. getdifree.com) we track that information third-party web analytics software, along with the pages you are visiting, page load timing, and which website referred you for statistical purposes like conversion rates and to test new designs. We sometimes track specific link clicks to help inform some design decisions.Cookies and Do Not TrackWe do use persistent first-party cookies to store certain preferences, make it easier for you to use our applications, and support some in-house analytics. A cookie is a piece of text stored by your browser to help it remember your login information, site preferences, and more. You can adjust cookie retention settings in your own browser. To learn more about cookies, including how to view which cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, please visit: www.allaboutcookies.org.At this time, our sites and applications do not respond to Do Not Track beacons sent by browser plugins.Voluntary correspondenceWhen you write Technologie 21 with a question or to ask for help, we keep that correspondence, including the email address, so that we have a history of past correspondences to reference if you reach out in the future.We also store any information you volunteer like surveys.Information we do not collectWe don’t collect any characteristics of protected classifications including age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or physical and mental abilities or disabilities. You may provide these data voluntarily, such as if you include a pronoun preference in your email signature when writing into our Support team. We also do not collect any biometric data.When we access or share your information
Our default practice is to not access your information. The only times we’ll ever access or share your info are:
To help you troubleshoot or squash a software bug, with your permission. If at any point we need to access your account to help you with a Support case, we will ask for your consent before proceeding.To investigate, prevent, or take action regarding restricted uses. Accessing a customer’s account when investigating potential abuse is a measure of last resort. We have an obligation to protect the privacy and safety of both our customers and the people reporting issues to us. We do our best to balance those responsibilities throughout the process. If we do discover you are using our products for a restricted purpose, we will report the incident to the appropriate authorities.When required under applicable law.Technologie 21 is a PL company and all data infrastructure are located in the European Union.1. Just to remind, we do not collect any data about what you typed in Difree, hence we cannot share something we do not have. If Poland / European Union law enforcement authorities have the necessary warrant, criminal subpoena, or court order requiring we share data, we have to comply. Otherwise, we flat-out reject requests when they seek data. And unless we’re legally prevented from it, we’ll always inform you when such requests are made. In the event a government authority outside the Poland / European Union approaches Technologie 21 with a request, our default stance is to refuse unless the Poland / European Union government compels us to comply through procedures outlined in a mutual legal assistance treaty or agreement.
We have never received such order.
2. Similarly, if Poland / European Union law enforcement authorities have the necessary warrant, criminal subpoena, or court order requiring we preserve data, we have to comply. In these situations, we notify affected customers as soon as possible unless we are legally prohibited from doing so. We do not share preserved data unless absolutely required. Furthermore, unless we receive a proper warrant, court order, or subpoena before the required preservation period expires, we destroy any preserved copies we made of customer data once the preservation period lapses.
3. If we get an informal request from any person, organization, or entity, we do not assist.
4. If we are audited by a tax authority, we may be required to share billing-related information. If that happens, we only share the bare minimum needed such as billing addresses and tax exemption information.
Finally, if Technologie 21 is acquired by or merged with another company — we don’t plan on that, but if it happens — we’ll notify you well before any info about you is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.Your rights with respect to your information
At Technologie 21, we apply the same data rights to all customers, regardless of their location. Currently some of the most privacy-forward regulations in place are the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). Technologie 21 recognizes all of the rights granted in this regulation, except as limited by applicable law. These rights include:
1. Right to Know.
You have the right to know what personal information is collected, used, shared or sold. We outline both the categories and specific bits of data we collect, as well as how they are used, in this privacy policy.
2. Right of Access.
This includes your right to access the personal information we gather about you, and your right to obtain information about the sharing, storage, security and processing of that information.
3. Right to Correction.
You have the right to request correction of your personal information.
4. Right to Erasure / “To be Forgotten”.
This is your right to request, subject to certain limitations under applicable law, that your personal information be erased from our possession and, by extension, all of our service providers. Fulfillment of some data deletion requests may prevent you from using Technologie 21 services because our applications may then no longer work. In such cases, a data deletion request may result in closing your account.
5. Right to Complain.
You have the right to make a complaint regarding our handling of your personal information with the appropriate supervisory authority. To identify your specific authority or find out more about this right, EU individuals should go to
6. Right to Restrict Processing.
This is your right to request restriction of how and why your personal information is used or processed, including opting out of sale of personal information. (Again: we never have and never will sell your personal data.)
7. Right to Object.
You have the right, in certain situations, to object to how or why your personal information is processed.
8. Right to Portability.
You have the right to receive the personal information we have about you and the right to transmit it to another party.
9. Right to not be subject to Automated Decision-Making.
You have the right to object and prevent any decision that could have a legal, or similarly significant, effect on you from being made solely based on automated processes. This right is limited, however, if the decision is necessary for performance of any contract between you and us, is allowed by applicable law, or is based on your explicit consent.
10. Right to Non-Discrimination.
We do not and will not charge you a different amount to use our products, offer you different discounts, or give you a lower level of customer service because you have exercised your data privacy rights. However, the exercise of certain rights (such as the right “to be forgotten”) may, by virtue of your exercising those rights, prevent you from using our Services.
Many of these rights can be exercised by signing in and directly updating your account information.If you have questions about exercising these rights or need assistance, please contact us at [email protected]. For requests to delete personal information or know what personal information has been collected, we will first verify your identity using a combination of at least two pieces of information already collected including your user email address. If an authorized agent is corresponding on your behalf, we will first need written consent with a signature from the account holder before proceeding.If you are in the EU, you can identify your specific authority to file a complaint or find out more about GDPR, at https://edpb.europa.eu/about-edpb/board/members_en.Use Restrictions
Last updated: Feb 4, 2023
We recognize that however good the maker’s intentions, technology can amplify the ability to cause great harm. That’s why we’ve established this policy. We feel an ethical obligation to counter such harm: both in terms of dealing with instances where Technologie 21 is used (and abused) to further such harm, and to state unequivocally that the products we make at Technologie 21 are not safe havens for people who wish to commit such harm. If you have an account with any of our products, you can’t use them for any of the restricted purposes listed below. If we find out you are, we will take action.Restricted purposes
1. Violence, or threats thereof: If an activity qualifies as violent crime in the Poland, European Union or where you live, you may not use Technologie 21 products to plan, perpetrate, or threaten that activity.
2. Child exploitation, sexualization, or abuse: We don’t tolerate any activities that create, disseminate, or otherwise cause child abuse. Keep away and stop. Just stop.
3. Hate speech: You cannot use our products to advocate for the extermination, domination, or oppression of people.
4. Harassment: Intimidating or targeting people or groups through repeated communication, including using racial slurs or dehumanizing language, is not welcome at Technologie 21.
5. Doxing: If you are using Technologie 21 products to share other peoples’ private personal information for the purposes of harassment, we don’t want anything to do with you.
6. Malware or spyware: Code for good, not evil. If you are using our products to make or distribute anything that qualifies as malware or spyware — including remote user surveillance — begone.
7. Phishing or otherwise attempting fraud: It is not okay to lie about who you are or who you affiliate with to steal from, extort, or otherwise harm others..
8. Cybersquatting: We don’t like username extortionists. If you purchase a Technologie 21 product account in someone else’s name and then try to sell that account to them, you are
cybersquatting. Cybersquatting accounts are subject to immediate cancelation.
9. Infringing on intellectual property: You can’t use Technologie 21 products to make or disseminate work that uses the intellectual property of others beyond the bounds of fair use.
While our use restrictions are comprehensive, they can’t be exhaustive — it’s possible an offense could defy categorization, present for the first time, or illuminate a moral quandary we hadn’t yet considered. That said, we hope the overarching spirit is clear: Technologie 21 is not to be harnessed for harm, whether mental, physical, personal or civic. Different points of view — philosophical, religious, and political — are welcome, but ideologies like white nationalism, or hate-fueled movements anchored by oppression, violence, abuse, extermination, or domination of one group over another, will not be accepted here.How to report abuseFor cases of suspected malware, spyware, phishing, spamming, and cybersquatting, please alert us at [email protected].For all other cases, please let us know by emailing [email protected]. If you’re not 100% sure if something rises to the level of our use restrictions policy, report it anyway.Adapted from the Basecamp open-source policies / CC BY 4.0


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Thanks to everyone who built Difree (in alphabetical order):
Aleksander Jaworski | Przemysław Kudła | Oliver Ottner, the Art director at iService advertising agency

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