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Difree - a distraction-free writing app

Key Features:

🚀 Minimalist Design: Say goodbye to cluttered interfaces. Difree provides a distraction-free writing space, allowing you to concentrate on your words.

💾 AutoSave: Forget about manually saving your work. Difree automatically saves your writing, ensuring your progress is never lost.

🌐 Offline Work: Need absolute focus? Difree works offline too, enabling you to disconnect from the internet and boost your productivity.

🌙 Dark Mode: Protect your eyes during late-night writing sessions with Difree's dark mode. Enjoy a visually comfortable experience, day or night.

📊 Word Counter: Keep track of characters, words, and sentences in your text with Difree's built-in word counter.

🔠 Monospaced Fonts: Precision matters, and Difree offers a selection of monospaced fonts for a clean and organized writing environment.

↔️ RTL Writing: Express yourself effortlessly in languages that read from right to left with Difree's RTL writing support.

🎵 Immersive Typing Experience: Difree goes the extra mile by offering an immersive typing experience. Write with the soothing sound of key strokes, adding a delightful touch to your writing journey.

🌟 Cross-Browser Compatibility: Difree is compatible with Firefox and all Chromium-based browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Brave, Edge, and Vivaldi. Enjoy a consistent writing experience across platforms.

✂️ Effortless Text Copy: Easily copy your text in rich text, plain text, Markdown format, or as an image with Difree's user-friendly copying feature.

🔒 Privacy First: At Difree, we prioritize your privacy. We do not collect or analyze your writing, ensuring a safe and private writing space.

📝 In a Nutshell:

Difree offers a focused, comfortable, and private writing experience, enhanced with the soothing sound of key strokes. Try it today to unlock more meaningful writing sessions!


Thanks to everyone who built Difree (in alphabetical order):

Aleksander Jaworski | Przemysław Kudła | Oliver Ottner, the Art director at iService advertising agency