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Release Difree - More Writing Freedom and Enhanced User Insights

· 3 min read

Hello, Difree Community!

We're excited to introduce Difree version, an update that brings more flexibility to your writing and enhances your experience with insightful user data. Let's explore what's new in this release:

🚀 What's New in Difree


⭢ – 2023-10-18
1. More Formatting Options: Inline code, block code
2. App Usage Events
1. Adjusted the Welcome Page content
2. Adjusted the Feedback popup content

See all the changes in Changelog.

More Formatting Options

In this release, we've added new formatting options to give you greater control over your writing. Now, you can easily add inline code and format block code. Whether you're crafting technical documents, sharing code snippets, or simply want to make your writing stand out, these formatting options open up a world of possibilities.

Difree: inline code and block code - how-to

Difree: inline code and block code - examples

Difree: inline code and block code - how-to

Difree: inline code and block code - how-to

App Usage Events

Understanding how you use Difree is essential to making your experience even better. We've introduced app usage events to gather insights into how you interact with the app. This data will help us tailor future updates to your preferences and needs, ensuring a writing environment that's perfectly suited to you.

Welcome Page and Feedback Improvements

We've adjusted the content on the Welcome Page and the Feedback popup to provide you with a smoother onboarding experience and more intuitive feedback submissions. Your input is crucial, and we've made it even easier for you to share your thoughts and suggestions.

Difree: Welcome Page improvements

Difree: Feedback Popup improvements

🎉 Share Your Feedback!

We're eager to witness how this update elevates your writing experience.

As always, we value your insights and suggestions. Your feedback guides the future of Difree, so please don't hesitate to reach out:

  1. Connect with us via email at [email protected].
  2. Use our feedback form to submit your thoughts.
  3. Join the conversation on Mastodon at @getdifree.

📣 Help Us Spread the Word!

  1. If you're enjoying Difree and the latest improvements, be sure to share the news with fellow writers and invite them to explore Difree.
  2. Find Difree valuable? Please consider rating us ★★★★★ on the Chrome Web Store and Firefox Add-ons.

📚 Get Difree Today!

Ready to unlock the full potential of Difree? Take the leap and update or install Difree today to embark on a writing journey like no other.

We're grateful to have you as part of our growing community and look forward to witnessing how these enhancements further elevate your writing experience.

Happy writing, and thank you for being a valued member of our community!