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Release Difree 1.2.2: revert the changes related to app usage events

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Greetings, Difree Community!

We needed to revert the changes made in version 1.2.1 related to app usage events. We understand the importance of a smooth and error-free writing environment, and we appreciate your continued support and feedback. Let's delve into the key changes in this release.

What's New in Difree


⭢ 1.2.2 – 2023-12-02
- Changed
- Revert changes about app usage events from 1.2.1

See all the changes in Changelog.

Reverting Changes: Ensuring Stability and Reliability We've identified some errors associated with the changes related to sending app usage events. Your feedback and reports are invaluable to us, and in response, we've taken immediate action to revert these changes in version 1.2.2.

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