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Why a writing app as an extension, not a web app?

· 2 min read

Writing online can be a bit tricky. We all want a clean, no-nonsense place to write without any fuss. That's where Difree, the minimalistic writing app, steps in. This blog post will tell you why we went for an browser's extension instead of a web app.

Your Writing, Your Business

We all worry about our privacy these days. With Difree, your writing is safe. Your words stay on your device, not on some faraway server. This means no one else can read what you write unless you decide to share it. Your thoughts and ideas are secure and yours alone.

No Internet? No Problem!

Difree, as a Chrome extension, is unique because it lets you write even without the internet. Regular web apps need the internet to work, but Difree doesn't. So, you can write wherever you are, whether you're online or not. No more interruptions when your internet connection isn't stable.

Fast and Smooth

Difree as an extension is lightning fast. Web apps can sometimes be slow and clunky. But Difree works smoothly and quickly. It fits right into your Chrome browser, so you don't have to wait for it to load. When you're in the writing zone, speed matters, and Difree keeps up.

Playing by the Rules

We created Difree as a Chrome extension, which means we have to follow certain rules set by Chrome. These rules ensure that Difree is safe and works well with your browser. You can trust Difree to be reliable and easy to use.

Happy writing!